The Marriage Bed Forum Guidelines

These guidelines are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on TMB Forums. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. The Marriage Bed Forum Guidelines

    Thank you for being a part of the TMB Community! In order to assist people in posting and to help keep problems to a minimum, the following guidelines have been adopted in order to keep our community functioning well and provide a pleasant and uplifting experience for all who read or post to our forums. It is expected that anyone who posts to our forums will abide by these guidelines.

    1. We are a community of Christians.

    The Marriage Bed boards are designed as a forum where Christians do not have to defend or explain their faith. All posts should be in alignment with the TMB Statement of Faith. Anyone who attempts to post or argue a contrary doctrine (including, but not limited to, LDS, Jehovah’s Witness, Scientology, etc.) will have their post removed. In addition, please do not endorse or encourage behavior that the Bible calls sin (adultery, homosexual behavior, premarital sex, pornography, dishonesty, etc.)

    2. Marriage is held in high esteem here.

    The Marriage Bed boards are a safe place for those who are married (one man and one woman) or engaged to talk about sex and intimacy from a Christian perspective. There is also an area for singles (never married, divorced, widowed, etc.) to post questions or discussion points. If you are not married, please be respectful of those who are and vice versa. We believe both married and non-married people can contribute to discussions of sex and intimacy, as each approaches the subject from a unique perspective. Let the words of Hebrews 13:4 guide all our interactions: “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure.”

    3. We want our community to be understanding and sensitive.

    Those who post and read our boards come from all over the world, span several generations, and have vastly different life experiences. Also, these forums discuss EXTREMELY personal issues and it should be remembered that some people are not comfortable with pointed questions or overly blunt confrontations. Please remember that just because you cannot see the person on the other side of the screen does not give you license to be unkind or insulting.

    Name-calling, unkind/overly sarcastic remarks, typing in all caps (except for minor emphasis) and personal attacks directed at other TMB members, their spouses (or your own spouse), or any others will be removed from the boards. Passionately discussing a concept or idea is fine, but talking rudely about an individual is not, including spouses or people who are not on the boards.

    Because political discussions nearly always result in flaming of some kind, the TMB boards do not allow posting about politics in any form.

    4. Watch your keyboard “mouth”!

    We want to guard against the use of offensive terms as much as possible. Sexual language should be limited to medical or mild slang terms and please avoid overly graphic descriptions that cause the reader to “visualize” what is going on. The goal is to inform, not titillate. We do utilize a word censor, so if you type a term that is suddenly changed in the final post, the word you used was an offending one.

    5. Be careful of links.

    Take care when suggesting books, blogs, or websites. Give an idea of what it’s about and if it’s Christian or not. Moderators will pull any link deemed to be in violation.

    6. Keep your quotes short.

    Nothing is worse than when a poster quotes an entire previous post in their own and then proceeds to expound on it. If you are quoting another post, use short, clear, and concise quotes from it—usually, 1-2 sentences are enough.

    7. Know when enough is enough.

    Please feel free to state your point of view and go back to clarify if necessary, but know when to stop too! If a line of discussion has dwindled to a back and forth between two or three people rehashing the same arguments, make your final point and then drop out of the discussion. Also, realize the limits inherent in an Internet forum. These boards can and should be used as a vehicle for support and information, but not as a substitute for “real life.” Our goal at TMB is to strengthen marital intimacy, but if it does not contribute to that in your life, then feel free to take a break from your involvement here. We will “save your spot” and you will be warmly welcomed back if you decide to return!

    8. Stop the rabbits!

    Bunny trails happen when a discussion veers away from the original point of the thread. If a bunny trail is occurring, please do not contribute to it! If you want to keep a particular trail going, start a thread that deals with it directly instead of continuing to hijack another thread.

    9. Don’t be a troublemaker.

    We are all here to learn and help one another. If you have come to the TMB forums to peddle a product or a site or to in some way cause disruption on the boards, please go elsewhere. Moderators have full authority to remove posts that may cause problems and to suspend and delete accounts of troublemakers.

    10. Use the Report Post button.

    It’s there for a reason! If you read something that you feel needs to be looked at by a moderator, please report it. Moderators and the Board Czar have the final say as to how a post and/or poster is dealt with.

    11. Speaking of Moderators, please respect them!

    Moderators are here to help keep the TMB forums functioning smoothly. They are human beings with lives and families and work outside of this ministry, so please respect that and deal with them in a polite manner. You may not like a particular decision, but that does not mean you can be harsh or combative with a moderator. If you have an issue that you feel a moderator has not handled correctly, you can contact the Board Czar, Dale (DaleAdmin), who is the final authority.

    Moderation issues are NEVER to be discussed on the open forums. Posts of that nature will be automatically removed.

    12. Private Messages.

    These are intended for friendly communication between members. They are not to be used for solicitation of any kind, for gossiping, or to get into an Internet “fight” with a poster you have a problem with. Beware of any PM from a member of the opposite sex that asks for more details about your sex life. Feel free to report any PM that you receive which is questionable.

    THANK YOU for being a part of the ministry of TMB! We hope you find your time with us enjoyable and uplifting to your marriage (whether present or future). May the Lord bless you, your spouse, and your sex life as you serve Him!

    Dale, TMB Board Czar
    On behalf of the Moderation Team and the Board of Directors of TMB #