Light, semi light or dark

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Re: Light, semi light or dark

Post by proverbs519man »

I like it all.

Completely dark can be hot because it's sensory deprivation and it can enhance other senses for me.

Fully bright (like completely) can be a bit extreme cause it also might illuminate other things in the environment that are not the best. Like that spot on the wall you keep meaning to clean or something. But of course the visuals of my wife are great.

Mid-lighting can be super hot because the shadows can make for beautiful visual effects, like accentuating the breasts.

I think theatrical lighting can be great too, like candles, or colored lights. Just makes for a different visual effect.

Maybe cause it's I'm an artistic type, but just like I enjoy photography with all levels of lighting I enjoy my wife's body under different ones.

If I had to pick only one for all the time, I probably would go with something in the mid-lighting range, just cause I find it more dramatic. I also tend to like overcast days more than perfectly clear ones though.
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Re: Light, semi light or dark

Post by Spark »

For many years, we had babies/toddlers sleeping on a futon mattress beside the bed. So then it was always in the dark. Sometimes, we'd slip out to the living room, and that was in the dark, lest one of the kids get up to use the bathroom. Before all the bedrooms got filled up, we could use one of those, with the light on.

And once the bedroom became all ours again, I thought, "We can do it in the light again!" We usually have one light on, and may throw a thin, light colored or white tee shirt partially over the lamp shade. I think my wife is pretty hot, so I like to see her. I think can't believe I'm with a woman that looks so good, AND I'm married to her. Especially if she's in a pair of stockings, I much prefer to see her.

About the only time we're in daylight is if it's after church.
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Re: Light, semi light or dark

Post by DoveGrey »

I prefer semi light or dark because of the sensory deprivation. It's easier to focus on physical sensations when bright summer sunlight isn't pouring in the window. In reality, we probably do all three equally.

I initially had body image issues that made me want to always have the lights off. Weirdly, it was an episode of "Scrubs" that caused me to shift my thinking. The female doctor was complaining to a friend that she was so self conscious that she had to have sex under the covers with the lights out. I thought that was such a sad remark to make - and then I saw myself in the remark.

So I bit the bullet and insisted we turn on the lights. Dh was happy, and I realized that it was easier to see myself as he sees me when the lights are on. I focused on his reactions instead of my body. It was a growth moment for me, boosting my confidence.
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Re: Light, semi light or dark

Post by Deleted User 3094 »

DW absolutely doesn’t understand or refuses to see my side of this. Over the years I’ve conceded almost all light and just want 10%-20% in an otherwise totally dark room. Am I being unreasonable? When its totally dark its like Im with a stranger. It feels so wrong, like were trying to hide something.
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Re: Light, semi light or dark

Post by eldorado »

We live on a corner so with blinds open the street light is just right😊.
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Re: Light, semi light or dark

Post by MrMarried »

AmwhoIam wrote: Sun Nov 27, 2022 6:23 am Probably been discussed but seems so much info to search through. I think most husbands prefer sex where they can see their wives body. Over the years my wife has progressed to wanting to have sex only in the dark or I’d say 20-30% light. I think this is purely a body image confidence thing with her. I’m thinking this is more common than a lot of men would like it to be.
I definitely prefer a well-lit room. Even more so when we were young, and especially so as a newly wed who was finally getting to see a beautiful naked woman!!! Looking at her is a lot of the fun. She thinks having it a little darker creates a better atmosphere.
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