Is it 'normal' for the husband to always be wanting more?.

Multiples, how to make orgasms better and the like. This is not a problems section.
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Re: Is it 'normal' for the husband to always be wanting more?.

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In our case, it's definitely not normal for him to not want more.
God can change what people do, behavioral patterns that have been in play for decades. He can change what we do to cope, to find comfort, to survive conflict, to count. Rahab had done a same old thing for years... and then she did something new.
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Re: Is it 'normal' for the husband to always be wanting more?.

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In our case definitely normal to not want more. So appears not always a husband wanting more! Remember the distribution curve is not an impluse spike for a certain event as a rule but a wider dispersion of outcomes!

Of course more is realitive and for this post more seems generally ready when his partner is. Which by definition does not quite pan out for mismatched drives as a rule. Of course some of us want "more" as the clock tics but is that an hour, day, or week or month to meet the criteria of us wanting more and ready when are partner is?
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Re: Is it 'normal' for the husband to always be wanting more?.

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Will 103 wrote: Mon Mar 21, 2022 2:21 pm Are most husbands always ready to make love when their DW is in the mood? There hasn't ever been a time when my DW wanted sex that I wasn't ready and willing.
Perhaps we are made like this. We both know that my wanting her makes me attentive and thoughtful to her needs and she likes knowing that she is desired.
My DW knows that my making love to her is never far from my mind and we seem accept that as normal.
I can think of two times I didn't want sex when my wife did. She woke me up when she came in the room from a prayer meeting both times. I was going to tell her I was too sleepy, then I thought this beautiful woman, my own wife, wants to have sex with me, so I awoke myself from sleep and happily performed my husbandly duties.

Even if I don't have any particular desire for sex with her, sex still seems like a good idea.
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