Simplest Thing that has Caused Orgasm

Multiples, how to make orgasms better and the like. This is not a problems section.
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Re: Simplest Thing that has Caused Orgasm

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SeekingChange wrote: Mon Jan 09, 2023 11:31 am I have also been seconds away from a chiropractor giving me an orgasm because of his focus on my lower back pain. I stay away from professional massages... don't need to make anything awkward for anyone.
Yes, awkward. That's actually happened to me (not seconds away) and it was completely humiliating. It wasn't what I would describe as sexual, it was just an unwelcome response to lower back massaging laying flat on a massage table. That ruined professional massages for me forever.

The other simplest thing for me was one morning cuddling in bed my wife reached down and touched me through my underwear, and I just erupted immediately.
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Re: Simplest Thing that has Caused Orgasm

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For me, I'd guess one of the wet dreams I had in high school.

For my wife, the "simplest thing" would have been her second O she had, which only took 5-6 min of stimulation with the weakest vibrator we own. She's never gotten there without a vibrator with the exception of "mini O's" she had while pregnant, where she'd wake up and have a mini from just moving around. Don't know if those count...and totally wish we had a vibrator when she was pregnant!
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