Arousal and O response time

Multiples, how to make orgasms better and the like. This is not a problems section.
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Re: Arousal and O response time

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OT2R wrote: Fri Dec 08, 2023 8:52 pm
Hmmm, I’m not sure. The podcast co-host is Dr. Laurie Watson, sex therapist. I don’t know all her credentials, and I don’t believe she is a Christian. The podcast is not a Christian based podcast, but I thought I read on her education she went to Azusa University and a few episodes she talked about her husband’s “ministry” and she has mentioned a few times she goes to church.

She has been on the Sexy Marriage Radio podcast with Cory Allan on multiple occasions. The following link is her therapy practice bio page. She did attend APU for her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy but that doesn't mean she's a Christian but her bio does say "The Episcopalians let her attend services." :lol: I have enjoyed her interviews on SMR.
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Re: Arousal and O response time

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Not sure if anyone posted where her stats come from, but this isn’t my DW. We start kissing and she’s a river of wetness. She uses a vibe for clitoral stimulation and she can reach O within 2-3 minutes of us kissing and then having sex. I consider myself truly blessed as does she.
Proudly married for 26 years. Through all the ups and downs we are blessed to be together.
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Re: Arousal and O response time

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Book; "I disagree."
Talks mostly about women health related with hormonal changes from drugs, food and environment/stress.
subjects; about womens health when she is tested and shows certain high/low levels of certain hormones, time of the month, menstration timing, the pill and on and on.
Mens testosterone drives our need for sex. Negotiation with our wives and how we do things FOR HER all day, makes all the difference in the world.
A woman who works out in the gym overstimulates her own testosterone levels and increases HER desire for sex but testosterone too high too long throws off the other female hormones making her eventually sick. Happy husband but sick wife.
This book is an eye opener for me. Totally. I mentioned some of this to my DW and I'm trying to reduce her stress because high stress burns progesterone and effects her libido.
Get it. Amazon. "I disagree, " By Patrick Flynn.
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Re: Arousal and O response time

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While these time frames are average, what counts as "arousal" time can be very different. For instance, arousal for my wife may start with sexual signaling from me a couple of hours before we get in bed, but she can then begin to relax in the living room with me, then soak in a bubble bath for half an hour, then come to bed and cum in 3-5 minutes of direct clitoral stimulation from me.
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