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Best explanation and guide on gspot

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Best explanation and guide on gspot

Post by Nube1234 »

I really enjoyed a short read by Daniel L Hicks. Titled : Unleashing Her G-Spot Orgasm: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy

The author carefully details techniques that are simple and help you

•Find the G-spot
•Stimulate and arouse the G-spot
•Be sensitive to your partner’s feelings
•Explore female ejaculation
•Achieve G-spot orgasm

Unleashing Her G-Spot Orgasm features:

•A 10-step plan for locating, understanding and stimulating a woman’s G-spot

Best simple step by step method I found.

Still waiting to try it out but wondering if anyone else has read it and tried it. FYI the book fits Christian married standard I thought and is not crass or vulgar.
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Re: Best explanation and guide on gspot

Post by TxGuy »

I have not read the book you mention. I will have to admit that I am very passionate about things I like to do. Sex is one of those things. I have read a lot about the g-spot and how it works and how it responds when it is given different types of stimulation.
I have been very blessed with a DW that has the ability to achieve g-spot orgasms and can FE. I highly recommend couples try to experiment and learn all they can on both topics and see how it grows for them.
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