What is your favorite position performing oral sex?

Use of mouth on each other for foreplay or climax.
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Re: What is your favorite position performing oral sex?

Post by Sygoonda »

My favorite position for giving, however, is I recently asked her to kneel over my face while I'm lying on my back.  That worked great!  No neck pain for me and she was able to hold onto the headboard for support.  We need to do it that way more often.  I highly recommend!

We do it that way, it the most arousing thing there is to Me

sometimes DW lays on her back and I put My head between her legs while she strokes Me

A few times I have been on My back with My head over the side of the bed as DW stands and straddles My face. This is hard on My neck, so have not done it in a long time

Some times DW lays on Her back and I bury My face in her bits.

Another way is for Me to lay on My back and DW lays on Her stomach on top of Me with her legs spread and her head facing towards My feet.

DW Has only given it to me a few times, and never to completion, but that does not stop Me from enjoying giving to Her.

I did not remember that I had already posted, but I added more this time.
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Re: What is your favorite position performing oral sex?

Post by wanderingman »

Irnmyk wrote: Fri Jun 17, 2022 9:44 am To use the word "favorite", I'd have to go with 69, her on top. With her legs spread over my head, that opens up her "lady bits" (her term) to form a picture that is about the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen. (Blows her mind that I see it that way...)

When we do 69, whichever way, it may start out mutual, but that doesn't last. As I get her "lit up", and she begins her screaming, she can't do any mouth work on me and scream at the same time, not that she hasn't tried. Interesting sound, her screaming with a mouthful.....
This is why I like to call 69 The Game Of Who Can Be More Distracting To The Partner. I love playing this game.
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Re: What is your favorite position performing oral sex?

Post by Burban »

69 with DW on top is my favorite but is pretty much off the table.

Our go-to is DW on her back and me on my stomach between her legs. If I lay prone, it frees up my arms and hands to grab her hips and waist, play with her breasts, and even reach up to tug on her hair a bit (she is seven inches shorter than I and I have monkey arms). If the mood calls for fingering, AP, or just grabbing her butt, I will usually end up on my knees but with my upper body still as flat as possible; think the yoga “child’s pose” but with the elbows brought in and supporting some of my upper body weight.

I also loved the time I was on my back and she straddled my face.
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