Any guys find it really hard to orgasm?

Use of mouth on each other for foreplay or climax.
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Re: Any guys find it really hard to orgasm?

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Tantalum wrote: Tue Jan 17, 2023 12:22 pm
BrianShelio wrote: Tue Jan 17, 2023 10:28 am I find it hard to orgasm with OS. My DW is great at doing it, and it feels wonderful, but I am too nervous about finishing in her mouth or on her...

I am sure she would be ok with it, as she likes to please me and make me happy, but for some reason, I cant do it. Does anyone share the feeling?
Yes, I think I know what you mean.
This is how it is for me:

1.) DW’s mouth just doesn’t give me the same wholesome sensation as her vagina. Even though she tries her best with her tongue and lips, it still feels a bit “empty” as compared to the full, enveloping feeling of her vagina, the gentle folds inside, the full length of my penis being stimulated.

2.) As I near orgasm I like to thrust quite intensively. That’s no problem with PIV but I would be worried to cause discomfort to DW with oral.

3.) On a related note, I like to ejaculate with quite a bit of force and sometimes when we haven’t had sex for a few days, I produce quite a bit of semen. I feel awkward about pumping it into DW’s mouth; I feel worried it might make her gag or something. So I try to avoid doing this when I feel really excited.

4.) Finally even though DW is very generous and happy to give me OS, I think she quite likes the sensation of semen inside her vagina. I don’t think she gets the same feeling of fulfillment from OS.
Such shy guys! I’m kind of impressed. I will tell you what I told my husband. If I am giving him oral, unless we discussed “where he can finish” BEFORE we start, I WANT him to finish in my mouth. There are just times when I want to go down on him and I do want him to just enjoy what I am doing to him. It makes me feel really sexy. Maybe your wives are the same?
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Re: Any guys find it really hard to orgasm?

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I used to have a problem if I tried to back off to make it last,than couldnt bring it back.That problem is gone after I started prostate massage with Aneros.I don't usually do pm during piv because it tends to make me come quicker.Aneros calls this rewiring the prostate.I am not saying everyone should get one but it's been a Godsend for me both health and sexual.
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