The mystery of giving her oral thrills

Use of mouth on each other for foreplay or climax.
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Re: The mystery of giving her oral thrills

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IntimateMoment wrote: Sun May 21, 2023 8:13 am
Top Female Orgasm Statistics You Should Know:

36% of women report masturbating and experiencing an orgasm before they are 14 years old.
Only 4% of women say they orgasm from penetration alone.
Women have orgasms nearly 50% faster when masturbating
34.6% of women have a minute or less between their first and second orgasm.
12% of women reported having as many as 10 orgasms.
13-14% of women have never reached orgasm or were not sure if they had.

10 orgasms? that is a good year for me.
I have talked to a wife, married 23 years, that is still not certain she ever has had an orgasm.
I find the statistics and notes interesting. The last four sentences leave me somewhat to very sad. Not trying to be a jerk....just how it makes me feel.
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Re: The mystery of giving her oral thrills

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The top 10 behaviors that women found very appealing were:

1 vaginal intercourse – 69.9 percent
2 cuddling more often – 62.8 percent
3 kissing more often during sex – 49.3 percent
4 saying sweet, romantic things during sex – 46.6 percent
5 giving or receiving a massage before sex – 45.9 percent
6 having gentle sex – 45.4 percent
7 receiving oral sex – 43.3 percent
8 watching a romantic movie – 41.9 percent
9 making the room feel more romantic – 41.3 percent
10wearing sexy underwear or lingerie – 41.2 percent

In addition, 40.4 percent of women said that having sex more often was very appealing.

Interesting that a romantic movie and oral sex have almost the same effect.

Good news is how many women want more sex.
Blessed to have a second chance. Say hi and share your knowledge.
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