DW finishing HJ

Use of hands on each other for foreplay or climax. This section is not about self-stimulation.
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Re: DW finishing HJ

Post by Better...Understanding »

Most important, we communicate with each other while doing this the complete time!

as he is reaching PONR .... do you slow down hand speed, maintain same speed or speed up to facilitate his O and ejaculation?
DW speeds up slightly.

And also during that sequence of events, does your grip loosen, stay same or tighten?
Stay the same, a gentle firm grip.

Lastly, once he is done, do you continue your handy work to induce some past-O tease/torture or not ?.
I will tell DW when she can stop & thank her verbally & with a kiss for a great job well done.
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Re: DW finishing HJ

Post by mywifesman »

I often see wives noting how tired their hands get during a handjob. And that's bad for both of you, as the man can become distracted knowing that his wife's wrist is really getting tired. And that was far more common for us before we switched over from dry / pumping handjobs to ones done with lube (we use coconut oil). Lubing my penis makes my sensations much more pleasurable AND she can mostly just go with much slower strokes and a moderate grip as she slides up and down. For me, standing is best, as she stands to my right and slightly behind. A few alternating strokes over the head, and the rest mostly staying below it. And there is a moment I unmistakably know I'm close, and that's when I tell her to go really slow, with long strokes and to "stay off the head!" And then I can just relax as she sends me over the moon. It's typically a much slower and longer orgasm than when achieved per PIV. And, to me, a handjob done really well is every bit as enjoyable, if not more so, than once resulting from PIV (definitely more relaxing than with PIV). Sometimes even better than receiving oral to completion - although I enjoy the buildup to O more so with oral.
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Re: DW finishing HJ

Post by Olorin »

Husband here answering for DW.

My favorite position to receive an HJ is us cuddling close together. In this position, she can grabe 'my happy' and I can grab her butt, which she really likes.

At the end, I tell her to stop moving her hand and just hold me as I more or less take over the 'pumping' at a constant speed until I finish. When I am done, I will tell her not to move at all since I become very sensitive at that time.

She is getting arthritis which is making it hard for her to even grip my penis, so the more 'work' I do, the better it is for her. And yes, we use lots of coconut oil to make things easier and pleasurable (for both os us!). Need to find a way to get coconut oil stains out of our sheets!
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Re: DW finishing HJ

Post by Paradox »

I like her to speed up, and keep going until I'm through!!
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