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DW finishing HJ

Use of hands on each other for foreplay or climax. This section is not about self-stimulation.
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Re: DW finishing HJ

Post by overtherainbow »

After being uncomfortable giving me HJs for many years, DW has recently taken on the challenge (much to my delight). She's become really good at it. At the point of no return, she tends to tighten and hold, so I can thrust if I want to. It works great, anyway!
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Re: DW finishing HJ

Post by Fairfield »

DW will sometimes finish me this way.
I like when she softly strokes me for 10-5 seconds then 2 or 3 firm strokes then stops holding a firm grip on my head for 15-20 seconds. Then release and repeat.
Sometimes when she releases me I will have what we call a 'mini' where I will partially ejaculate but not reach O. Very intense for me.
We do this 2-3 times until I give her the signal to keep going for the final O.
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