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Re: Spanking

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We don't do it a lot, but my wife and I incorporate spanking in the bedroom from time to time.
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Re: Spanking

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footnassman wrote: Wed Aug 25, 2021 4:58 amShe never backed away, or recoiled, when I would smack it....always in a playful way, of course. In fact, from the earliest of times, she would usually respond by sticking it out a bit more, or cocking it in an alluring way. This was true of the first 20-22 yrs we were together.

Around age 40, together we began a journey that took us to different places, investigating hidden/unspoken likes and desires between us. Trust in one another, enduring love and unquestionable respect always were keys for us as we would reveal these inner thoughts and desires, discuss the possibility, and often try new things. I am blessed with a VERY willing partner. One avenue on this journey took us into, among other things, incorporating spanking
Before reading your post, I’d have said neither of us is interested and wouldn’t do it in a million years nor would I understand why anyone would want to.

However, I definitely relate to what you are saying in the first paragraph. My wife is definitely not the spanking type, but we do playfully swat on the fanny like you describe including her cocking her hip as if inviting me.

But we have almost no exploration or experimentation at this point and it’s a little sad. The safety you describe and the willingness to explore together is something I am really envious of.
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Re: Spanking

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My wife brought this idea up early on and I've enjoyed it much more than I expected. We started with a hand, and later tried a belt, then a riding crop, a flogger, and eventually a thick and a thin cane. We don't do it often, but we have everything we need when we decide that we want some variety. Ropes, blindfold, and a camera have been fun, too! Our favorite tool is probably the riding crop. My wife loves the popping sound. The canes are fun too when used lightly. The thin one can be extra painful if not used lightly.

I setup this poll "Which spanking implements have you used?" Give it a try if you haven't answered it.
When we are in the mood, we both enjoy that pain zone that causes a delayed stingy feeling that occurs about a second after the swat. That's typically followed by a small endorphin rush. Neither one of us likes it too hard, so it takes some communication and reading each other to get the right amount of intensity. Too much will kill the whole thing for either of us.

It feels very sensuous when the swatted area is gently rubbed between swats by the person doing the swatting. It gets REALLY sensuous and erotic when the spanker does some genital fondly between the swats as well. The pleasure from the genital fondling can VERY intense when the endorphins are flowing.

I've read that the endorphins have a pain-killing effect that dampens the pain sensation of following swats. We've noticed it as well. After a number of swats, you can then take a swats of increasing intensity that would have been too much earlier. The endorphins do not diminish the pleasure from the genital fondling, though.

I've seen some discussions about spanking for discipline. Do don't do that, except for maybe mock discipline where we're almost making fun of S&M behavior. I might "confess" to some naughty thoughts that I'm thinking about doing to her, and she'll know that this is a clue to spank a little harder. She may feign being shocked and offended, but it's always light hearted and it turns her on. There's always laughter when we do anything like this.
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Re: Spanking

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Thanks for your input @crow.

I have to admit that my wife enjoys spanking me from time to time, and she has even used the belt on me which I find incredibly erotic. She enjoys inflicting pain, but not receiving it.
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