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Roleplay ideas?

Games, lingerie, toys, taking photos, stripteases, fantasy, role-playing, bedroom ambience and sex outside of the bedroom (not overly public places).
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Queen bed
Queen bed
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Re: Roleplay ideas?

Post by CTim »

LBD wrote: Sat Sep 11, 2021 7:59 pm I love my wife to play like a woman that really wants sex…. ;)
Lol :lol:
It really can be this simple for some of us!
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Re: Roleplay ideas?

Post by rusty.mahler »

DW created a Swedish house cleaning maid, who was applying for a job I was taking applications for. She played it to the hilt, was called "Ms. Inge", and listed numerous of her talents. Some of said talents had nothing to do with house cleaning, but were ancillary skills valuable for appreciation by her male employer. Single male employer, that is.
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