Penis extender surprise?

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Re: Penis extender surprise?

Post by SockOrbit »

KatieMarie wrote: Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:47 pm Please don’t take offense to what I said. Im definitely not judging, or ruling it out in the future.
Ha! I know you meant no offense! It’s all good!
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Re: Penis extender surprise?

Post by Pilgrimage »

Like many things, this seems to come down to personal preference.

This was something I wondered about after seeing it mentioned here in the past. Some time ago I mentioned this to my wife and she was willing to try. I’m not big, just average. Got something that added an inch in length but a good amount in girth.

We tried it out and she didn’t care for it. The extra girth did not register with her at all, and she felt the length was too long and uncomfortable. Her verdict was that I’m plenty big enough as is, and the enhancer was too large and uncomfortable.
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Re: Penis extender surprise?

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I have looked at some from blissful creations on Etsy. They seem to have lots to choose from and high quality. Although my wife may never admit to wanting anything but me, I am much less than average and think she might enjoy it for a change. We do have a couple dildos that she enjoys but I usually have to suggest we have that to our love making or she'll do it to show off for me. When I get an extension, I'll let you all know how it goes!
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