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When do you masturbate?

What about masturbation by those who are married? This section is for talking about self-stimulation either alone or with your spouse. (Masturbation for children and singles discussed elsewhere.)
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Deleted User 2325

Re: When do you masturbate?

Post by Deleted User 2325 »

We often masturbate together at bedtime and I sometimes I masturbate solo during the day when she’s gone. She doesn’t do solo even though I encourage her to. By “together” I mean I will bring her to climax usually multiples with my fingers using lube and a little burts bees peppermint lip balm while I tell her a sexy fantasy story or a descriptive retelling of one of our best sexual escapades from the past. While that’s going on I’m rubbing on a silky slip or satin panties. When she’s finished she masturbates me with a silky lingerie hand job. Mm good! Of course my solo times are also silky lingerie hand jobs!
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Re: When do you masturbate?

Post by olafthewise »

Perhaps we need to define Masturbation?
Doing it to each other is stimulating our partner. Doing it to ourselves by our own hand with the spouse present or not is masturbation. Use of a toy or other item can be called "use of a toy" or just masturbation with an item.
In view of different needs; some people need a lot of sexual stimulation that the other spouse can't or is unwilling to do. In a world where the ultra rich can afford a boyfriend or girlfriend to help satisfy their sexual needs, morals then take a back seat. Among Christian couples, I would hope that as a church, we all can and do satisfy each others sexual needs especially in a world where sexuality, provacativeness, and the advertisement of sexuality reminds us of sex constantly, especially men. However, the church is weak and people are ever so selfish, angry, resentful, and tormented from an abusive past. Only a few years of marriage pass and our sexual needs are being ignored. The measure of a good marriage (according to a sex psychologist) is that sex is still happening on a regular basis.
With all this sexual frustration, is there any doubt that some level of masturbation is going on and that with it, in those marriages, couples tolerate each other and remain married? It is certainly so for me.
Far be it from me to place sex or a lack thereof, as a sole reason to divorce and leave our children with a poor legacy. In those moments where I get sexually desperate and turn to masturbation as she runs around the house doing so many tasks I hugely resent her. In my direct accusation to her, her response is that it is my fault she is unhappy with me. And therefore assigns some impossible chore for me to somehow complete and then she will want sex...it makes for an even bigger resentment. I then give up.
Ultimately, she hates me...but really? No. but one has to question one's true love when, at the moment, the one spouse is wanting to sexually connect, the other could care less and knows you won't divorce. you then go sexually solo. You hate it, but its the only alternative. (if you think you can pray away your sexual desire, you may therefore be low sex drive person)
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