Walked in on?

What about masturbation by those who are married? This section is for talking about self-stimulation either alone or with your spouse. (Masturbation for children and singles discussed elsewhere.)
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Re: Walked in on?

Post by DaveW »

Since this is in the Masturbation in Marriage folder, I would say the only times I got walked in on were when I wanted to be discovered. We have been married almost 45 years, and the first 10 she would be really mad. Then she seemed to not even notice. (Paul, Lori, you guys probably remember some of the struggles I wrote about back in the day)

But that is now in the process of change. For the better!

Since BeccaBecca brought up the teen/preteen side of things:
I was really stupid as a teen and preteen. I never got walked in on, (my room was in the basement) but I left a LOT of my "stuff" on the bed sheets. IYKWIM.

Years later I asked my mom about that and she just thought I was blowing my nose all the time.
In bed.
On the sheets. <yuck!>

I never heard anyone say anything about masturbating at all, let alone being wrong, until I got to college where the congregation I was in was EXTREMELY opposed. Sorry but by then it was WAY too late to stop.

Oh well, 'Nuff said.
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Re: Walked in on?

Post by GeorgeB »

beccabeccab3 wrote: Tue Mar 15, 2022 5:10 am I am happy to say all of my getting walked in on was when I was 10-12 years old! No more of that uuugggg
as DaveW mentioned, this is a normal phase of life, for both boys and girls. Unfortunately, some of us get walked in on by clueless parents or siblings, or just because we forgot to lock the door.

It only had to happen once for me (by my mom) when I was a young teen for me to learn to lock the door and for her to learn how to knock!
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