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Racey TV

This is THE PLACE to discuss if something sexual is right or wrong.
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Racey TV

Post by Andrew »

Just some background, I had an addiction to porn before we were married, I talked to her about it when we dated, she has no exposure to porn.

I've noticed that when we watch certain shows or movies that she will be more turned on and excited for sex. I'm not talking about porny shows or even shows with explicit sex scenes (we don't watch Game of Thrones or Outlander). I'm mostly talking about shows that talk about or mention sex or have sex scenes without nudity.

It makes me want her to watch these shows more often to get her in the mood. In part I'm asking because I can't tell if this is wrong or not. I don't think these shows are bad to watch in general.

But I'm also asking what shows or movies have lit the fire for you that aren't explicitly nude sex shows.
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Re: Racey TV

Post by hastentheday »

I'd like to suggest your approach might be a bit flawed; rather than try to pick a show that "turns" her on, go for something you watch together and use the opportunity and time to be together, to cuddle, to stroke and to rub the parts of her body that might be tense and/or sore. DW and I don't watch much TV (sports is an exception for me) but when we do, it is nearly always Hallmark movies. This works for us because it is an activity we enjoy doing together and that mere fact develops intimacy. And, if it leaves DW and I with good, fuzzy feelings, that's even better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the scenario I just described.
2 Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
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Re: Racey TV

Post by Beccaloo »

This is similar to the post on reading sexy/erotic books.
There were some good points in that post too.


I know HTD may not agree with my interpretation of the power his g-rated evening possesses, but when I read his description of a common evening for them it really shows an amazing compromise that works for them.
Watching a loving Hallmark movie, giving massage, him wanting to be there with her, that right there would make me want to spend intimate time with my DH.
It would give a wife an hour + to start getting her mind ready.

When we were just newly married my DH & I watched the 1987 movie "Overboard" with Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn. It has no nudity, but for some reason it really made that nights activities start off at a much higher level for me than before.

It took him awhile to realize that it wasn't just that movie, but any movie where the man loves the woman & takes care of her. (happy ending)
It sort of primes the pump & gets my mind started in that direction.
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