Can watching porn ever NOT be sinful?

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Re: Can watching porn ever NOT be sinful?

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My BFF is a MD and he says the same - that it's all very clinical in their business, that when they have to examine, and thereby look, they are usually looking at something not attractive at all.

What I've always wondered is how they can deal with all that at work, and then go home in the evening and lift the Mrs' skirt and find that attractive.
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Re: Can watching porn ever NOT be sinful?

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footnassman wrote: Tue Apr 05, 2022 3:17 pm I dont believe it is always wrong, and that I am a husband who first introduced it into our relationship.

Be blessed.
I have been damaged and damaged my wife and marriage by using porn, so in a lot of ways I’d like to see the porn industry tossed into the lake of fire. It is always wrong for me.

I can, though, think of a few situations in which I think it might not be sinful. Of course, there would be no porn available if only these limited uses were the market. The situations I’m thinking of are if there is a long term incapacitation for a spouse. Say you are 60 and your spouse has Alzheimer’s and has to live in a memory care facility. Or suppose your spouse has left without initiating divorce proceedings and there is a remote hope of reconciliation.
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