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Re: Shaving

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StrawberryGinger wrote: Wed Feb 21, 2024 9:09 am I tried shaving but hated razor burn and bumps and inevitably would have uncomfortable stubble after just a few days. I have instead started waxing using a hard wax ( like Cirepil Blue on Amazon). A little bit of a learning curve and I have to sike myself up for the pain of ripping it off, but I find that it lasts for like 3 weeks and the hair that does regrow just comes in soft. I like the benefits enough to bear with the pain every few weeks.
My wife tried shaving and waxing, but like you, the stubble and irritation was too much for her on shaving, and waxing she didn't like the she settled on full bush....and I have to say, I am liking it. I think it looks sexy and womanly.
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Re: Shaving

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Depilatories can also be irritating: start small with any new product, and somewhere less sensitive than the genitalia.
Using razors can be less uncomfortable if you use a fresh blade and a good soap. Do not rush the cutting, or go over any area excessively. (When you do have to store a blade, keep the blade edges "up." Storing blade edges "down" allows water to hang on the edge, leading to rust and bacteria to accumulate, which then increases blades to scrape excessively, and implant bacteria in the micro-cuts.) Always sterilize the blades before use, such as in rinsing in mouth wash.
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Re: Shaving

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Clean area is important. Over clean can cause other problems. Newer blades are best. Screen shavers of various kinds are good for mound but maybe not around lower area on her.
If new to shaving that area, shaving over time will adjust to it.
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Re: Shaving

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Deleted User 3711 wrote: Sun Jan 28, 2024 6:21 am
Wow! wrote: Wed Jan 24, 2024 4:47 pm For wives that shave… have you found a safe Depilatory? Shaving every area to bare is a pain in more than one way :lol:
I know it can get dicey down there. My wife actually cut her pussy lips one time with a razor. Ouch...I just can't imagine the pain she was in.
My husband and I are both clean shaven, have been for about a month. We are enjoying the enhanced erotic sensations and haven't experienced any problems, as far as razor burn and the like. We both generally sport pubic hair, so how long we will remain clean shaven is unknown. He's always kept his testicals shaven smooth.
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