Keeping pubes shaved when going to a doctor

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Re: Keeping pubes shaved when going to a doctor

Post by DoveGrey »

Thanks for that, Olaf. You are truly wise. 😃

I will admit that I didn't always stay on top of replacing razor blades quickly. However, last September I read Demon Under the Microscope, by Thomas Hager. The subject is the history and research that led to the discovery of sulfa drugs to treat infection. One of the scientists working on the project managed to nick himself while shaving with a dull blade. He ended up with an infection that quickly went septic. I think he was dead within the week. It slowed down the discovery, and prompted me to buy new blades. 😳
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Re: Keeping pubes shaved when going to a doctor

Post by LHK »

olafthewise wrote: Wed Apr 13, 2022 11:23 am I also know that if you have tan skin from (nude) sunbathing or tanning booth, shaving bumps occur much less often.
Unfortunately, I don't think that is going to be enough to get my wife out naked in the sun :lol:

As for the topic, my wife and I have kept ourselves shaved for a decade or longer. Neither of us has had any concern or problems with doctors, nurses, etc. We assume they've seen it all (because they have), so why worry about it.

For a funnier perspective, many years ago my mom, of all people, told me a joke about a woman trying to spice up her love life. In this story, the woman decided to surprise her husband by removing her pubic hair and elected to use Nair (or similar product) to accomplish the job. In an effort to be sure she got all the hair, she left the product on her skin too long and gave herself a chemical burn bad enough land in the ER. When her mom came to check on her, the hospital staff had a hard time determining what room she was in. At which point mom asked, "how hard can she be to find, surely you don't have more than one lady here with a burned [email protected]!?" :mrgreen:

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Re: Keeping pubes shaved when going to a doctor

Post by olafthewise »

Lets all begin on safety here when talking about trimming or erasing/shaving all pubes;
1) Cleanliness is key. Blades, screens or electric blades must be renewed or cleaned often. Cleaner the better. Do not shave with a blade on dry or just wet skin. It must be wet lathered with soap appropriate for shaving.
2) Pulling, ripping, tearing, tweezers or waxing may be good for young supple skin for those in their 20's and maybe beyond but youthfulness is a definite advantage, especially for healing after a nick with blood.
3) As a male, I use a screen shaver but it can and does rip out hairs and "catch" small portions of skin resulting in a bit of blood on the ball sack. Being careful to pull skin tight is a good practice. Cold water and Neosporin is best to heal it fast.
4) Allowing for a day to pass for shaving for certain areas that are softer is beneficial.
5) Nair; Why in the world anyone would use a chemical such as this on anything but lower legs is beyond me.
6) Any attempt to go against natural pubic growth CAN have consequences that involve pain or irritation. Following a clean and proper method is best and can help to avoid those consequences. If you want to be real smooth for your spouse on a Friday night, just time your shaving method.
7) Some people hate to shave that area such as my wife who complains and makes all the arguments against it. Her lack of perfection fueled by her argument that "its just for me, her husband" makes for irritation and shave bumps in an attempt to convince me otherwise. My advice; don't shave if you don't want to or listen to experts not naysayers.
8) Tanning does help but clearly some people cannot nude sunbathe anytime and tanning booths are not in the budget so, yeah, some men/women will not be tan down there.
9) Go slow. Hurriedness causes problems. Yeah, you can have your spouse do it but your ability to feel the blades or screen is best in my opinion.
10) Trimming is just different. Much less to do.
11) Being nude down there for some time will help. Sometimes my wife comes out of shower and drys off and remains nude in robe while doing her hair. Also, apply some oil such as tiny portion coconut oil on shaved pubic area after shave.
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