Shaving or trimming

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Re: Shaving or trimming

Post by ThereAndBackAgain »

I let my pubes grow out a good bit after keeping them clipped, just shaved them with the Dahl Manscaper tonight after pulling them tight to shave em, actually worked pretty well. A little bit of stubble still, but better than before.
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Re: Shaving or trimming

Post by Tantalum »

I have never shaved. DW tried it once and we both agreed we preferred it bushy.
So it is totally "au naturel" for both of us.
DW shaves her legs and armpits though.
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Re: Shaving or trimming

Post by Steveo2.0 »

I shave my scrotum and base of my penis weekly and keep the pubes up top trimmed generally monthly. A few times I have gone all the way and shaved completely but DW prefers some hair there. DW keeps herself trimmed as well.
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