Re: Who puts condom on?

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Re: Who puts condom on?

Post by IndyDad »

Melgrace7 wrote: Thu Apr 18, 2024 3:53 am
KatieMarie wrote: ↑
Since I didn’t have any experience with either penises or condoms, he did.
Have you had experiences with bananas?
To be fair, I had zero experience of penises, condoms or bananas too at the start (absolutely hate 2 out of 3 of those things). But it needed done, someone had to do it, and I had the most to lose (was gonna be me that’s pregnant when we can’t support it) and I am generally the do-er so I got it done.

Yeah latex is horrible, hated the smell of that on my hands, but what was the option?

I struggle to relate to the folk who want to use condoms for easier cleanup or what have you. No judgement, each to their own of course and long may they enjoy it, but I could never see myself going that way by choice. Once we were functionally too old for kids (too old to sustain healthy pregnancy ie late 40s) and the snip and the iud got in the picture to make that sure, I could not throw the last condoms away fast enough! What a day!
I remember that day! That’s when the Trojan stock dropped many points.😝
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Re: Who puts condom on?

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Early on, sometimes I put them on, with DW's help. Now she always does it, as part of a HJ to make me stay hard. I'll now and then help a bit.
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Re: Who puts condom on?

Post by Paradox »

The first time my wife tried putting a condom on me, she pushed and pulled and rubbed me so much that I came before she could get it on to her satisfaction. Poor girl got into something quite messy, but she turned her sexual frustration into outrageous laughter. She did get better at it!
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Re: Who puts condom on?

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When we were much younger we used them, it was mainly the the DH's duty.

DW made sure we had enough in the house & we used them diligently.
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