Who puts condom on?

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Re: Who puts condom on?

Post by footnassman »

Rarely used them....when we did, we split that duty....neither of this liked them. Strangely, she developed a latex allergy....working in healthcare back in the day, it wasnt all that unusual.....imagine that "sensitivity" in that region....

We stopped using them in our very late 30s. She had gone off of BCPs, as there were concerns she had taken them for too many....transition to condoms....develop allergy to latex, stop using condoms.....along come kids 3 and 4 after our # 1 and 2 were already in double digits....

Kids 3 and 4 post age 40....if ever you wonder about God having a sense of humor....just stop in and ask me, sometime....
Fell out of ...
Fell out of ...
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Re: Who puts condom on?

Post by Irnmyk »

I don't remember ever using one, but DW thinks that we tried once and it didn't work out well. Maybe we should have.

@footnessman's story reminded me that our last child arrived after the older children were well up in age, and it was so cute that I told DW that we should have another one to go with it. Some of the older kids had come in sets close together in age and kind of grew up together, so it seemed like a good plan to me.

She told me emphatically that I could have my next child with my next wife!!!! That settled that.

Then, later, I realized that for that last child, I would have to stop by the Social Security Office on the way to its college graduation to register for my benefits, and admitted that her position was probably the best one.
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Re: Who puts condom on?

Post by brickbat »

We used condoms for 20 years and I always put them on as the trick to wearing a condom for a man for maximum sensitivity is to first lube your member then apply the condom leaving about an inch of the condom loose at the glans end and also lubing the condom on its exterior once on. Condoms applied in that fashion feel more natural and actually move like foreskin over the glans area and also the shaft.

I dont think my wife could have gone thru all the hoops I have described.

Finally, Natural Lamb condoms were worth the money in sensitivity for me as a man. Expensive, but definitely worth it. Appropriate fit is another matter to assess in a man's pleasure. A too tight condom is a killer of male pleasure.

Thank God for vasectomies.
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