Article on Marriage Separation by CBS News

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Article on Marriage Separation by CBS News

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Here is a link to an article by a CBS affiliate news station in Tampa, Florida on marriages that are separated. They interview experts on the topic. I thought it might help. Here is the link, "Love Rekindled: Overcoming Marriage Separation."

I hope it's helpful to someone here.
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Re: Article on Marriage Separation by CBS News

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My wife and I had a separation a decade ago. I became severely depressed after an injury/disability caused me to lose my work. I became irritable, suicidal and abused alcohol for about three years. During the separation, I got counseling and joined Alcoholics Anonymous. She also began her counseling. We both changed and started "dating," and when she moved back home, we had a stronger, more beautiful relationship than we have ever had.
The separation was painful, and the work to "get well" was hard on both of us, but it was worth it. We have been married 38 years.
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