Longtime issue with orgasm

Can't orgasm, delayed orgasm, etc.
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Re: Longtime issue with orgasm

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If you are open to anal a dildo could make a difference,causing the penis to put more pressure on your G -spot.
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Re: Longtime issue with orgasm

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Wow! wrote: Sat Feb 17, 2024 12:12 pm My DH as well as myself would love if I could orgasm in a different position other than flat on my back with legs straight being rubbed a certain way. This is the only way. Tried different vibrators to no avail. Tried countless positions.Any ideas from women or men to help with this situation? Also, do any other women have this problem I’m 71 years old, married 45 years.
You have a lot of history behind that, which makes it a strong habit.

The way to change is to make a small step. Do what you always do, the right before you climax, move a bit. If you are close enough, it won't prevent orgasm. Do that a few times, then move a bit sooner.
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