Topical estrogen usage

Can't orgasm, delayed orgasm, etc.
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Re: Topical estrogen usage

Post by LBD »

Thought I'd update this question with some positive news.

DW has been on the topical stuff now for 6+ months and it has done good for her (and us.) Her natural lubrication has returned and she has no pain with intercourse. We have stuck with a 24 hour rule, but it causes little problem. We often have made it a habit to have sex just before she medicates in the evening, so the only miss is the next morning. I can live with loosing two mornings a week, no problem. She has tried putting it in at morning but it most all leaks out during the day. She still has some leak out with the evening application but very little.

I don't know if I would give the estrogen credit for this, but our sex life in general is improving. So with all that being said, I would advocate it for anyone suffering post-menopausal dryness  and pain.
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Re: Topical estrogen usage

Post by olafthewise »

My wife used progesterone topical cream for awhile for vaginismus pain and she says cream caused headaches. so she stopped its use for over a year. Then recently started on it again and same result.
As the DH I am, I am tired of HJ. HJ only good after sex starvation. (over a week)
I have no additional solution. I figured that a tired and sore shoulder would encourage her to seek a viable solution but no. She says no to oral so...
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