Vaginismus Success Story

Painful intercourse, pain with sexual activity, and pain that prevents sex or makes sex difficult.
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Re: Vaginismus Success Story

Post by Paradox »

This is one of the best things I've heard about in a Long Time! Congratulations to you both!
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Re: Vaginismus Success Story

Post by olafthewise »

its one thing to have vaginismus while young, its another to have it in your 50's when its easier to just give up.

However, in a previous post, "someone" (male DH type) suggested that vaginismus was mental and that its all in her head...I wonder...
That said...I have been dealing with this since 2015. She went on hormones that eleviated the pain and suddenly, she gets headaches and stopped its use.
Tried a supplement that was topical and oral...but she's so bad at consistency taking them that she stopped buying it.
recently purchased another item that was topical and is a lotion type substance that goes inside the vagina and provides extra "moisture." she tried it once and I could enter her 3/4 the way in before she stopped me from pain. But was angry with me over some statement I made the other day to her and so, stopped its use again.
No treatment right now. I'm being punished.
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Re: Vaginismus Success Story

Post by Scarecrow »

Hi Brian O'Kane,

Re your question...

I'm curious... when you say "victory" do you mean PIV for the first time ever, or completely discomfort-free PIV?

First time ever is the answer.

It's still a struggle... old patterns re-emerged...

Praise God our hope is in Him alone, His grace is bountiful, the Lord is good and trustworthy always.

For all those going through difficulties, it's far better to face them as soon as possible, seek wise counsel, otherwise the problem grows into a mountain, rather than the ant hill it really is. The longer issues aren't dealt with the bigger the mess that can span a lifetime.

I haven't been on this board in years, for me it's a bit much to take, but can see it's helpful to many.

Blessings all
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