dealing with hip / joint pain

Painful intercourse, pain with sexual activity, and pain that prevents sex or makes sex difficult.
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dealing with hip / joint pain

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DW often has hip pain that makes PIV uncomfortable. It comes and goes but it sometimes results from sexual activity. Has anyone dealt with this and do you have any advice? Positions? Would a liberator wedge help? TIA
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Re: dealing with hip / joint pain

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Hip pain is why we went to the spooning position. My DW says it doesn't hurt her hips.

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Re: dealing with hip / joint pain

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I have arthritis in my hips. Several positions are easier when my hips are bothering me:
Lying prone on my front with piv entered from the back

Scissor position

Side lying
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Re: dealing with hip / joint pain

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Her auto-immune disease causes her to have arthritis in all of her extremities.
A couple of decades ago, we were hit by a drunk driver. The collision caused a fracture to a vertebra in her neck. Thankfully, there was no damage to her spinal cord. It was during the resultant re-had we discovered her illness.
Both hips have been replaced, with her left femur lengthened to match other leg.
Two surgeries corrected the spinal injury.
Hip replacement is successful only if the patient engages in strengthening and stretching re-hab from the start, in a daily and high impact fashion.
I make certain she goes for walks and works out on a bicycle machine.
I sit her on the edge of the bed and bring up her legs, doing massage and stretching. Over time, she has become more flexible, without pain.
At the same time, I work on her neck.
This places us in position; I standing on the floor, she facing me, face up, laying back on the bed with her legs on my shoulders. In this position, we can go straight from massage/stretch to sex.
The only problem: my old injuries have caught up with me. I have developed arthritis in my hips, knees, spine and shoulders. Right now, I am nursing a small fracture in my left hip. COVID restrictions make my surgery impossible the schedule. I live off of cordizone injections.
The stretches and such have once again made comfortable for her the missionary position. I am grateful for this as it takes weight off my legs and spine.
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