What interests females in pornography?

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Re: What interests females in pornography?

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I think for DW, part of the attraction is that It there is a bit of a "thrill" of doing thing that you are not supposed to be doing, and seeing something that You are not supposed to see.

Porn and racy movie scenes will cause DW to be turned on.

When younger, she used to like to see male strippers. I asked her why, what she liked about it, she said that she didn't know, that she just liked it.

I think that the reason is that the strippers are there doing their thing for the ladies enjoyment, and that the ladies do not have to do anything but enjoy the view. The feeling of getting something for nothing, The entire performance is all about the strippers doing their thing for the Ladies enjoyment so to speak.
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Re: What interests females in pornography?

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ShayLuv wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2022 3:58 pm What interests women?

Novelty, Eroticism, the act itself, focusing more on the act, the closeups and not so much the people as said by another response. The sounds.

Just because women arent as visual, doesnt mean they are not visual at all.

I was exposed young by cable tv and magazines at friends house

I was never about a partner asking me to do it. It was my own chosing and curiosity
Thanks for being so honest and candid from a female perspective.
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