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Porn help

Post by Jnvv »

Hi I have been struggling with porn addiction and I have been through some of the conquer series by Ted roberts im wondering if anyone else has been through this and their experiences of success stories or struggles male and female perspectives. Thanks
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Re: Porn help

Post by brickbat »

I have utilized Dr Robert's Conquer Series materials profusely in our men's purity small group dealing with 12 step recovery from porn and sex addiction.

Prior to the pandemic, we bought the workbooks that accompany the DVD series. The workbook is excellent for memorizing and journaling scripture which really does renew a man's mind in Christ Jesus if that man will do the work, be accountable, and make sure that he has Covenant Eyes on all electronic devices.

Recovery from porn addiction is a process orchestrated by a submitted spirit to Jesus while doing the work Dr. Roberts sets out. I could post more, but the Word really does wonders in transforming our degenerate minds that have seen way too too many images that ensnare us in an addictive cycle that only Jesus can deliver us from. Images plus masturbation to those images really is a sin against our male bodies in that our brains become addictive just like a heroin addict. MRIs of the brains of porn addicts and drug addicts look very very similar.

Healing of our brains is a process that begins with cold turkey Covenant Eyes protection and a heart devoted to recovery. Porn is idolatry and according to the Apostle Paul in Corinthians, all idolators, fornicators, adulterers are not going to be in the kingdom of Heaven. Maybe that should be preached as an incentive to forsake the wiles of the devil and start us on our journey to recovery and purity of heart.
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Re: Porn help

Post by ThatGuy »

I have been through the series, but not until after I broke free. What we need is a greater affection, Jesus Christ, who delivers us from the wrath to come. If you don’t have it, ask, beg, plead before the throne of grace. He is able to do the impossible. I do agree with the other response about fearing the result of not taking sin seriously. But you are doing well to not be okay with this sin, and anyone in Christ is justified through faith by grace alone. The fight is never over, and if we think it is, that is when sin creeps in once again.
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Re: Porn help

Post by PaulB »

I'm a big fan of Be Broken Ministries. Been around for decades, and it has a more biblical, grace-filled approach than many of the others.
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Re: Porn help

Post by olafthewise »

I too struggled with it endlessly and uninhibited daily. Up to 2015. Then it ended. I highly recommend:

reboot is the method you use to restart your brain. Once restarted, you can end the porn viewing habit much easier.

Like this: if porn for you is too frequent AND you want to stop... do this; (looking at porn once in a while is not addiction)
put away the phone or computer. Phone only has phone numbers. Delete ALL porn sites and social media and icons in the phone for web sites including the computer. Do reasonable chores or exercise and get outside often, shop for nothing. Be busy. Visit people. Try reading books for awhile. after 30 days, you will be in new habits and porn will not be among your daily habits.
Your new brain will see people, things, nature, colors and you will hear people talk.
Relapse is typical. Avoid pitfalls that put you into relapse. Don't lose heart in a relapse, just repeat the 30 day thing.
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Re: Porn help

Post by Joni »

Hello I know someone who has used which uses a combination of Dr. Ted Roberts and Dr. Doug Weiss teachings. All Biblical based. It has really helped the person I know struggling with porn use. Also this year they will be putting out a course for spouses. They also have groups that meet online to help you stay accountable. Don’t give up!! There is a lot of help available now.
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Re: Porn help

Post by Horseman1978 »

Consider looking up Dr. Trish Leigh on YouTube.

Porn was not a problem for me anymore when I saw her material, but I routinely watch her programming to prevent future struggles from occuring. Over the past decade, DW put on a fair bit of weight and stopped providing any visuals in our bedroom for a while, and I was grateful for Dr. Leigh's wisdom in those challenging times.

We're both on the right track now, and I'm more understanding about how to not only support DW better, but also in understanding that my sin struggles are not hers to bear directly, and vise versa.

I wish you the best and do not mind a PM if you need to chat.


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