Masturbation as an Aid

Is it a sin or a way to help control sex drive before marriage?
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Re: Masturbation as an Aid

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PaulB, a big part of the problem was Porn, and once Masturbation and Porn are linked they build addiction, and it grows. I wish I had never discovered Porn, but that may have been inevitible given my introduction to sex. at 11 a 12 year old girl asked if I wanted have intercourse with her, having no idea of what intercourse is I said yeah. As a prepubescent boy I was too young and immature to understand what it entailed. A year later when She stopped wanting to touch me and me touch to touch her, A bit later I started masturbating, although and like many I didn't know what it was called, using my memory of her naked fueled the erection and subsequently the playing with Myself. I may have started masturbating soon after Puberty any way, but hopefully I wouldn't have had the burden of Imagining making love to someone else's future wife, and just found relief of tension obtaining porno mags at secondary school just fed the addiction. All that started about 50 years ago.
I've been been Married for just over 37 years now and BW and I have started on a new adventure of Oral sex.
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Re: Masturbation as an Aid

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This thread has taken a lot of turns and rabbit trails. At the heart, I think masturbation is indeed a very helpful aide for singles. We encouraged our teens to have a healthy relationship with their sexuality and bodies, and not feel guilt and shame for enjoying self-induced orgasms. [I get all the nuances that have been added into the discussion, but this would be my ‘true north’ I would return to. And again, it’s just my opinion, and respect others who are masturbation abstainers.]
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Re: Masturbation as an Aid

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Definitely helps build stamina, for me. Also awareness of actual touch and exploration as opposed to rushing it like I did in my youth, being afraid of being caught. Now I can edge for quite a long time.
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