How did your family handle it?

Is it a sin or a way to help control sex drive before marriage?
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Re: How did your family handle it?

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Paradox wrote: Wed Aug 23, 2023 1:09 pm My parents did not have a sex talk with me, per se, but they did answer all of my questions.
That is good. I hope you asked some hard ones. But most kids will NOT ask if the parents don't breach the topic first.
In about 1971, we had a couple of sex talks in our junior high classes, presented by our coaches. The classes were divided based upon gender. They were very good, and we were directed to library resources, such as encyclopedias, which were useful.
Sounds ok. We had a "health" class for one marking period when I was in 8th grade. (1968) It was taught by the trainer for the football and basket ball teams, an MD. It had a very rudimentary sex ed portion to it.

2 years later in HS Biology class there was the end of the year section on reproductive systems. The bio teacher slipped a bit of human sex ed into it (like 2 class periods) along with the frogs and baby pigs we dissected. He spent a few minutes at the end of the 2nd day on contraception; just a brief description of each of the main methods and their advantages and disadvantages. One girl had a very good question on the "withdrawal method:" How does the guy know when he is about to release his ... sperm?" The class erupted in laughter from all the guys and about half of the girls. The rest of the girls had the look "Yeah - I want to know too!" He turned so red you think he was about to stroke out. Then the buzzer rang and it was on to the next class. Funniest episode of my entire 4 years of high school.
Eventually, I think they each caught us having sex, at least once.
And they lived. Amazing!
Now, they are adults, and we still talk about sex.
Good for you guys!
Whenever we found one of them masturbating, we would remind them to keep it private.
Good deal. The only thing I would add NOW is to make sure to tell them to thank God for how good that felt.
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