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Re: 3 pieces of advice

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#1 - Marriage is a system not a person. If both people are dedicated to God and the way He wants it to be in terms of behavior, any two people could make it work. So if something is troublesome, try to figure out how much of it is a result of your rebellion to God's direction (on the part of both of you). The only way you "married the wrong person" is if that person is in open rebellion to God.

#2 - Since sex and procreation are the most unique and specific aspects of specialness in a marriage relationship, it's only natural that focus and protection should be around both. Your goal should be on the same side for both how to raise children and how to have fulfilling sex life (which for some couples, can even mean not much of one and that is ok if it's mutually agreed) and it should be a high priority.

#3 - Your spouse is not your ultimate everything. Find other God-driven people you can vent to at times. Your spouse doesn't have to be your dumping ground for everything wrong in your life. They don't have to share all of your interests or hobbies. They are ultimately not even responsible for your fulfillment in life. That doesn't mean they can't make themselves an obstacle to it (see #2), but it's not their job to make you content.
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