Wedding disasters

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Re: Wedding disasters

Post by Plumpurple »

A few days before my own wedding I got food poisoning and ended up in bed and vomiting constantly for the 3 days leading up to it, just easing up in time for our ceremony on Saturday afternoon. I felt light headed the whole time, had lost 10lbs and couldn't eat anything at our reception either, and only about half of our very expensive and delicious dinner that we had made reservations for at the lodge where we were honeymooning.

We also had an outdoor wedding in January - my husband's one request was that we have an outdoor wedding and the date had already been decided - and it was in the low 40s and lightly raining up until it was time to go outside. Then the rain stopped, the sun came out and it warmed up to about 58° just in time for us all to be outside! That part was perfect. A bee came and settled in my bouquet just as i was about to walk down the aisle and I worried about it for the first half of the ceremony 😆 Our reception was also outdoors and we played lawn games, had a bonfire for roasting s'mores and had a hot chocolate bar and such available. Instead of cake we cut a homemade apple pie made by MIL. It was a very intimate and heartfelt day - just wish I had felt better during it all!
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Re: Wedding disasters

Post by KatieMarie »

My MOH had a lot too much to drink after the rehearsal dinner the night before. So the morning of my big day, she didn’t even make it to the salon in time to get her hair and makeup done. I wanted to strangle her when she finally showed up. She looked like death warmed over, but by the time we got started she was made up, and her hair looked fine, and no one who wasn’t out with us the night before would have guessed that she had a REALLY bad hangover.
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Re: Wedding disasters

Post by k.a. forest »

When my brother got married, he had an outdoor wedding. There were at least three of us taking pictures - me and our mom were two of them. Our mom had managed to photobomb the picture where my brother and his bride were kissing; she claimed she was trying to get a picture of them (in this picture she was in the background with her camera, not on the sides or something small like that). We laughed. Fortunately, I was able to crop her out.
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