PDA and Arousal

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Re: PDA and Arousal

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Everytime we hold hands or cuddle while watching a movie I tend to get semi aroused. I know it’s natural, but just curious if that happens with anyone else? Is there ways to prevent this or should I just embrace it?
At the end of the second date with my now-wife, when I hugged her goodbye outside her dorm building I got partly hard. I hadn't even kissed her at this point and didn't know if I was going to continue dating her. It's a natural and involuntary response. Although, given how quickly my now-wife and I developed our relationship, and how quickly the physical intimacy progressed, I think that even if I wasn't mentally that conscious of it, my body really appropriated the feel of her in my arms. I was comfortable with how my body would react to her, and eventually I brought up if she could tell. She said sometimes she could. Eventually we got comfortable with her seeing my quite obvious state in pjs, and indeed she and I would take it as a sign that our physical chemistry was doing quite well. I'm pretty sure that she at least sometimes deliberately tried to cause that reaction. When we were engaged, sometimes when I was in pjs it was a blatantly obvious tent in my shorts, and we were both happy with that result and that she could so clearly know the effect she had on me. There were a few times, when engaged, that she'd feel the crotch of my jeans or other bottoms and she'd smile and giggle when my penis twitched in response; that only encouraged her to feel it again 😏🤭. Ofc that level of intimacy we didn't do in public. Hugging, kissing (including surreptitious tongue kisses), and a quick hand on the butt (or my hand "supporting" her when she went in front of me up the stairs) were usually the extent.
Rugged American (as called by my European wife)
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