Umbrella of Order

What about headship and submission? Unsaved spouse? Other marriage roles.
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Re: Umbrella of Order

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Other than having the baby, the roles are shared in many if not most families today. Often the wife is a bread winner, maybe even the primary one. The husband primary care giver to the child. Or it changes over the years or even day to day. Putting the wife under the husband was once the way people thought. Its more side by side now. It can work as in the diagram, but its probably the minority of marriages now. If there are children it is important someone is home, that both wife and husband take part in caregiving. Both spouses protect the other from things. It is more of a Leave to Beaver 1950's thinking. Still works but today it is more shared responsibilities.
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Re: Umbrella of Order

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SeekingChange wrote: Tue Jun 20, 2023 12:26 pm I would like to hear others' thoughts on this....

Do you believe this is Biblically (new covenant) accurate for the family? Meaning, if one steps out of this order, they open themselves up to Satan?

And if you believe this is accurate, does that mean you also believe an adult female needs to always be under some kind of authority (umbrella), if not a husband than her father?
If you have an umbrella up top, what good would umbrellas down below serve? Practically, there is a problem with the analogy.

I do believe wives should submit to their husbands and children should submit to their parents. We should all submit to Christ. Christ is the head of man, and man is the head of woman. I don't see 'head' as referring _exclusively_ to the idea of source because the Bible is explicit that wives should submit to their husbands and indicates that a wife should obey her husband.

Submission is ultimately to God. So if a husband tells his wife to murder someone or to go 'swinging' or 'cuckholding' stuff and commit adultery, she should not rebel against God by doing so. If he says, "No, we are not going to Wendy's. We are going to Burger King, and that's final." then she should go to Burger King, but the man needs to lighten up and tone it down. A husband is supposed to love his wife, honor his wife, not be harsh with his wife and husband and wife are supposed to please each other. (If it's choice of restaurants, I'll often if not generally defer to my wife, with an occasional veto, suggest something else if I really don't want to eat there.)

Is Satan going to get a woman without an authority over here? I don't like making up doctrines that aren't in the Bible, and I don't see that in the Bible. Maybe it could happen. I do think it's fitting for a single woman who has never married to stay with her parents and submit to her parents, or submit to her parents living elsewhere. Practically, if they are grown up and they have good sense, they can fend for themselves. Children of both genders can show submission to their parents before that leave and cleave stage by getting parental approval, especially that of the bride's father, for marriage. My wife's from an Asian culture, and I much prefer their attitude toward this than what I see in the US. That's a good thing that dropped out of our culture probably in the early 1900's, needing the father's approval to marry a woman.

Of course, parents may not live forever for those who never marry.

What happens if a woman lives a life of godly lifelong prayer and intercession, and her parents eventually die? Does she fall into the territory of Satan? What if her father dies when she is young? Does that mean she belongs to Satan? I don't see where the Bible teaches that.

A wife doesn't necessarily have to wear pilgrim collars and make soap and candle wax, either. :)
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