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Re: Sending her memes

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Irnmyk wrote: Mon Jun 28, 2021 1:31 pm Well, words have meaning, so I had to go look up the definition of memes.

It is simply a humorous image. Maybe, in the context of this board, some have taken it to mean, or want to limit it to specifically mean humorous sexual images, but it isn't strictly that. The OP's question wasn't clear on his use of the word.

So, to the question - absolutely yes, DW and I share humorous images with each other. We do it with some frequency since there is so much coming in these days from a variety of places and some are absolutely hilarious.

Are those images overtly hard core sexual in nature, well, rarely if ever. I can't say never, but I'm struggling to remember ever sending anything more than mildly suggestive that wouldn't have been considered too suggestive to have shown my mother.
Sometimes I forget that this board is not just focused on sexuality, but really focused on it. I forget the sexual meme thread was a thing! I'm new to the board anyway, so it's easy to forget. lol

But when I talk about memes, I mean memes; not the board's memes. ::rofl
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Re: Sending her memes

Post by newwifenewlife »

Irnmyk wrote: Mon Jun 28, 2021 1:31 pm ….
It is simply a humorous image. .
Correct. They absolutely are humorous…and they do not have to be sexual. The OP never said anything like that.
The OP's question wasn't clear on his use of the word.

Was he really? I don’t think OP needed to. A meme is a meme. What it’s contents are is up to the creator and/or sender.
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Re: Sending her memes

Post by RuggedAmerican »

Deleted User 2151 wrote: Sun Jun 27, 2021 5:20 am My GF works a long shift, like morning to late afternoon, so; when work slows down I send her stuff. These are either amusing memes I found, cute little bits of fan-art, or memes I made about her.
Example: The sweating guy meme, extra arms for each panel, with different cute pictures of her.
She told me that seeing the things I send her tends to brighten up her day after she gets off of work.

I dunno how many of ya'll are into memes, but sending stuff back and forth between your spouse to make them laugh or smile is probably a good idea. ::rofl
DW and did this all the time, especially when LDR. We now send lots of reels, too.
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Re: Sending her memes

Post by Paradox »

My wife and I do not send memes. Probably because we feel they are impersonal things that is being pushed into a personal space. That is just us. Also, we are clever enough and fun enough to write our own notes. We are also careful not to send anything that might be sensitive: if I send her a genital photo (for instance) while she is driving, and she passes the phone for her sister to read back to her.......Yikes! Something silly might also embaress her, too.
If it works for you, though, keep it up!
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