Children in 'Big Church'

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Re: Children in 'Big Church'

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We've done both and from my experience I'm all for kids in the nursery and then as they get older childrens church. Here's why

Parents need time to work on their relationship with God. Trying to tend to a baby or toddler will distract them from the message God has for them.

Church should be made to be fun and a learning experience for children. Usually this won't happen if they're constantly being told to be quiet or sit still in big church. Nursery and children's church (if done well) will provide a fun environment with learning that they'll look forward to coming to.

Children are a distraction good or bad. Whether it's the people in the pew behind playing with or watching the child or it's someone who the spirit is trying to move on. Children can be a stumbling block for the Holy Spirit to move. Satan can use even the sweetest of children to distract someone in need of the message.

These are my thoughts. I was raised before children's church was a thing and I was made to be quiet, still and reverent. That's not common these days. I've seen children eating, crying, screaming, laughing, running around and even throwing temper tantrums during church and yes it's distracting. I love children immensely and I'm always distracted by whether their sweet as sugar or spoiled rotten.
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