Not wanting kids

Other non-sexual marriage issues.
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Re: Not wanting kids

Post by Daniel »

Irnmyk wrote: Thu Jun 30, 2022 9:10 am
Otherwise, you are left in a real pickle here, all the drive, and no outlet (unless or until she changes, which seems distant if not remote to me). That way, you'd solve all problems - no sex - makes her happy, no kids - makes both of you happy, no frustration for you - makes you happy, and plenty of time for books and games. Win-Win!!!! :shock:
Well yes Peggy and I have issues in the marriage bed however we BOTH agreed and decided that we didn't want any kids 😅
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Re: Not wanting kids

Post by Tantalum »

Of course it's the couple's decision.
But all I can say is being a father is the most life-affirming, wonderful experience that I have ever had. So I would not have missed it for anything. But I didn't know this until I became a father.
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Re: Not wanting kids

Post by ShayLuv »

Im on my second marriage and had 2 kids in my early 20s. Divorced and remarried late 20s, my second husband has no children. I was not interested in having more, we sat and talked about it to make sure we were on the same page. Neither of us wanted to have kids, but if it happened, we would be fine with it (an accident oops type thing)

We have been empty nesters for over 10 yrs now and I think many people see us as a childless couple as my sons are off on their own and in diff states and dont know me as the Mom in church groups, running kids to school and sports, I already finished that chapter awhile ago. We have lots of friends in their 40s with several kids, younger ones, we did that chapter already and are enjoying our alone time and freedom to do whatever we want.
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