Finding privacy in a home with no locks

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Re: Finding privacy in a home with no locks

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According to the law, children may not be employed in our country until they have completed compulsory schooling, which is now 10 years from 5-15 years. But it can be even longer in the event of a postponement of entry into elementary school. For us it was up to 16-17 years. And it is considered that it will be until the age of 18-19 (all high school).

But even today, a secondary school can prohibit children from performing work if it would interfere with education. And some universities do it too (artistic ones, for example) so that students don't spoil themselves by making movies, bad directors, etc.

It's just that our approach is different. And it's just that everyone in the family has the right to the family's profits (spouses automatically divide their income half and half, whatever was acquired during the marriage belongs to both, with the exception of inheritance and gifts). And study and work are understood as a similar burden.

Of course, many students still work because their parents cannot give them enough money, but I know that when I studied in the 90s, the school was not prepared for this at all. It was not possible to move seminars and exercises in the schedule, etc. In addition, I still had a lot of tasks on my mind as a volunteer - leader of children's Sunday school and home groups, member of the church leadership. That's how my wife, who was no longer studying, supported me. I still had an orphan's pension and state allowances for children :) . Legally, I was a dependent child until I was 26 - even though I was married.

It even payed to us during compulsory military service before they could stop it. Because of this, the escort even had to take me to my city office, where I had to prove that I had announced the end of my studies on time. The guys from the escort disappeared into the pub as soon as we arrived at the station. The office did not understand that the school's confirmation that I studied in the last year until 26.6. it confirms not only that I studied, but also that I finished my studies. They were horrified how to enter it into the computer, that one piece of paper cannot prove two facts. Finally, the chief clerk copied the paper and confirmed the copy.

Reality was that a soldier's rations weren't even enough for a train home to my wife.
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